How tooth loss affects social and psychological health

The state of your teeth can make the difference between being confident in your smile and the way you carry yourself. Not surprisingly, the loss of teeth can have significant social and psychological effects that can negatively affect many areas of your life.

Does Tooth Loss Affect A Person Socially and Psychologically?

Numerous studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between the loss of a tooth — or several teeth — and negative consequences. In addition to being more likely to be depressed, self-conscious and having low self-esteem, some people find it difficult to advance in their careers because of the loss of their teeth.
Not having a complete set of teeth often means that people don’t want to smile as much. This can make them traumatized and even cause them to avoid social activities.

What Do Dentists Say About the Effects of Tooth Loss

The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) surveyed about 20,000 dentists about the common problems their patients verbalized concerning the loss of their teeth. About 86 percent of the dentist listed the issue of social embarrassment as a problem that greatly impacts people when it comes to tooth loss. Those dentists noted that more than half of their patients who experienced tooth loss have reduced social involvement compared to those patients who have a complete smile.

Can Tooth Loss Be Overcome?

Fortunately, there are many options for people who have experienced the loss of a tooth or multiple teeth. There are a number of innovative and effective ways to address the issue of tooth loss. Unlike in days past when patients had fewer options and to deal with the embarrassment of ill-fitting dentures, your dental team today can provide a range of different options to help make your smile beautiful once again!

How to Address Tooth Loss

The first step that you, as a patient, need to take to address your tooth loss is to make an appointment with a dentist. The professional dental team will provide you with a comprehensive dental exam that looks at both the tooth, or teeth, that are missing as well as the overall health and structure of your mouth. This examination provides the dentist will the information they need to recommend the right options to their patients. These options typically not only focus on the tooth’s appearance but also on restoring its functionality as well. The dentist aims to provide each patient with a healthy smile that looks natural and that provides for improved oral function. If tooth replacement is determined to be the preferred option, your dentist will explain the reasons why and how choosing to have the tooth replaced can help your psychological and social health improve.

Banker Dental is standing by to help our new and existing patients learn about their options after they experience the loss of a tooth. Ready to take the next step to obtaining a great smile? Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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