Why You Might Want to Think Twice About Snap- On Teeth (and What to Do Instead)

Why You Might to Think Twice About Snap- On Teeth (and What to Do Instead)

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your smile, you have many options. The latest option for beautifying your smile is snap-on teeth. In fact, snap-on teeth have gone viral on the internet, but are these teeth worth it? Before you jump on board with snap-on teeth, let’s dive a little deeper into what snap-on teeth work and how they might do more harm than … Read More

What Makes a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants to have a brilliantly white smile that exudes confidence. Fortunately, there are methods of tooth whitening that can meet the needs of almost every patient. To learn more about what those options are — as well as who is a good candidate for each — read on below! See Your Dentist If you’re interested in discovering if you’re … Read More

Step Up Your Selfie Game With These 5 Smile Improving Tips

smile improving tips

Selfies are all the rage with millennials, but everyone enjoys taking a selfie every now and again. That is until that selfie turns out to be a revealing photo of bad teeth. A less than stellar set of teeth and gums can ruin even the best settings for a selfie, too. Imagine taking a selfie in front of the gleaming … Read More

How Your Smile Increases Your Overall Health

smile increases overall health

Although the American Dental Association recommends regular dental exams and cleanings twice a year, most individuals assume that their routine dental care helps only with oral health: reduction in cavities, reduced plaque, etc. But oral care plays a big role in overall health. As Connie Stevens said, “Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.” In fact, studies are … Read More