7 Foods You Can Eat During A Root Canal Recovery

root canal recovery

Are you preparing for an upcoming root canal? If so, you might feel nervous. But don’t worry, root canals are quite common. There are more than 15 million root canals performed each year. You can expect a little bit of soreness and swelling after your surgery, which may make it difficult to eat. What’s more, certain foods like soups and … Read More

Tooth Pain? 5 Root Canal Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

root canal symptoms

Needing a root canal isn’t the record-scratching drama most people think it is. It’s really not that bad. It’s a routine procedure that too many people put off. People ignore root canal symptoms, thinking and hoping they’ll just go away. But, we’re here to tell you if you’re experiencing any of these signs you need a root canal, it’s time to … Read More

Best Foods to Eat (And Not Eat) after a Root Canal

Best Foods to Eat (And Not Eat) after a Root Canal

Dental procedures are hardly ever enjoyable, for the most part, having a dental procedure done can lead to stress, and worry before and after the procedure. For those that go to a reliable and experienced office, however, your dental procedure should be done in a timely manner, be efficient, and your dentist and a dental team will help you learn … Read More