Step Up Your Selfie Game With These 5 Smile Improving Tips

smile improving tips

Selfies are all the rage with millennials, but everyone enjoys taking a selfie every now and again. That is until that selfie turns out to be a revealing photo of bad teeth. A less than stellar set of teeth and gums can ruin even the best settings for a selfie, too. Imagine taking a selfie in front of the gleaming … Read More

Fluoride Treatment: Why it is Important for Adults

fluoride treatment adults

Fluoride has long been touted as essential for the health of children’s teeth. But did you know that fluoride is just as important and beneficial for adults? There are many reasons why you should ask your dentist about in-office and at-home fluoride treatments. But first, it helps to understand exactly what fluoride is. What is Fluoride and Why Is It … Read More

Gums and Your Oral Health

gums and your oral health

Dentists aren’t only concerned with the health of your teeth. Your gums play an important role in your overall oral health as well as your health in general. When you have a dentist appointment, your dental hygienist and dentist will each inspect and identify any potential health problems relating to your gums. It’s important to take proactive steps to ensure … Read More

4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Dental Visits

dental visit

Even if you visit your dentist on the recommended schedule of once every six months, that’s still a long time in between appointments. Dentists are known for giving plenty of attention to patients, so why not take advantage of this opportunity to ensure the absolute maximum oral health? Here are X ways to make the most of your dental visits. … Read More

Change Your Life With Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening change life

Yellowed and stained teeth make you look older than your age. They detract from even the most beautiful faces. Yellow teeth show up most especially in photographs, taking away from any natural photogenic attractiveness you may have. One of the easiest yet most noticeable things you can do to improve the way you look is to whiten your teeth. Here … Read More

How Your Smile Increases Your Overall Health

smile increases overall health

Although the American Dental Association recommends regular dental exams and cleanings twice a year, most individuals assume that their routine dental care helps only with oral health: reduction in cavities, reduced plaque, etc. But oral care plays a big role in overall health. As Connie Stevens said, “Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.” In fact, studies are … Read More

Oral Health 101: Back to the Basics

oral health basics

With the Back To School season in full swing, it is the perfect time to talk about exams – dental exams, that is. The American Dental Association recommended that each person have two dental exams and cleanings per year. The routine check-ups help maintain the health of your teeth and gums while also helping to prevent future problems as well. … Read More