5 Tips to Practice Preventive Dentistry at Home

preventive dentistry

Keeping your teeth healthy at all times is known as preventative dentistry. It helps protect your teeth from cavities, enamel wear, gum disease, and a lot more. It’s important that you take preventative dental care seriously and take good care of your teeth on a daily basis.

This involves a lot more than brushing your teeth. You need to have the right dental care products and be mindful of all your dental habits. Here are some preventive dentistry tips you need to keep in mind.

1. Never Forget to Brush or Floss Your Teeth

The rule of thumb is to brush your teeth at least twice a day. While this is true, it is more important for you brush before going to bed because it gets rid of the plaque and germs that may plague your teeth during the night.

The way you brush your teeth is also very important. Yes, there is a right way to brush teeth! Brush gently in a circular motion to remove all plaque. The problem with unremoved plaque is that it accumulates to cause gingivitis or calculus buildup.

Flossing on a daily basis is just as important and brush your tongue while you are it because it accumulates plaque too.

2. Use a Fluoride Toothpaste

There is a thin line between enough and too much fluoride. However, fluoride is one of the biggest advances of oral health and you shouldn’t do without it. It plays a major role in strengthening your teeth and preventing tooth decay.

3. Start Kids At An Early Age

A lot of children develop tooth decay even before they join the school. Starting preventive dentistry for your kids as early as possible is a smart choice. As soon as teeth come in, you can wipe them with a soft cloth and by the time they are two years, they can try brushing on their own.

You can have their molars sealed as soon as they come in, which would prevent or at least reduce the chance of caries. Poor oral health can be very expensive to take care of it early.

4. Block Accidents to Teeth During Activities

Some contact sports and activities can pose serious threats to your teeth so wear a mouthguard whenever you participate. Encourage your children to wear mouth guards even when they play unsupervised activities like rollerblading or skating. You can get custom made guards from your dentist or get some from sports stores.

5. Eat Smart and Drink Plenty of Water

A healthy diet is the epitome of good health, regardless of the part of the body or the age of a person. Whole foods, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and nuts should all be included in your diet.

Avoid sugary foods as much you can because once broken down, the produce the kind of acid that destroys enamel. Rinse your mouth after meals or at least chew sugarless gum to increase saliva flow that’ll wash bacteria away and neutralize that acid. Don’t or stop smoking tobacco and drink water whenever you can.

Preventive Dentistry Will Save You a Lot of Pain and Money

After all is said and done, you should go for regular dental checkups to ensure that your oral health is in great shape. With preventive dentistry, your family’s oral health will be in good shape for a long time without needing dentist treatments.

For more information about how you can have good oral health and maintenance of your teeth, check out our page.

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